Due to redistricting, please note that the boundaries of the various Honolulu City Council districts will be changing significantly this election cycle. See the following maps below (you can click the images for larger versions).

The Waimalu/Kalauao/ʻAiea/Halawa region is currently separated into three council districts:

  • District 6 – upper ‘Aiea/Halawa east of Kalauao Stream, currently represented by Councilmember Carol Fukunaga
  • District 7 – lower Halawa south of Aloha Stadium, currently represented by Councilmember Radiant Cordero
  • District 8 – lower ʻAiea makai of H-1 freeway/Ulune Street, Pearlridge, Waimalu, Newtown, currently represented by Councilmember Brandon Elefante

Beginning with the upcoming 2022 election, the region will be separated into two council districts:

  • District 7 – Halawa, Aiea east of Kalauao Stream, lower Pearlridge (makai of H-1 Freeway). This seat is not up for election in 2022 and will be represented by Councilmember Radiant Cordero through 2024.
  • District 8 – upper Pearlridge (mauka of H-1 freeway), Waimalau, Newtown. This seat is up for election in 2022.

The boundary between the two districts can be seen in the map below. District 8 is at left in green; district 7 is at right in orange.

An interactive version of the new council boundaries is available online.